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Jio KBC Lottery Winner is India’s No.1 Official Lottery Gameshow Kaon Banega Crore Patti hosted by Amitabh Buchan. He is the best Indian Actor of this century who is doing this great television gameshow. Jio KBC Lottery Winner provides KBC Lottery Number Check Online 2021 form on this platform. So hurry up and check your KBC Lucky Lottery Number.

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KBC Official Website

This is the KBC Official Website. If you have any queries about Jio KBC Lottery Winner List 2021, dial KBC Whatsapp Number which is 00917428461793. KBC Official Website provides a list of KBC Whatsapp Lottery Winners and Jio KBC Lottery Winners of every month an updated website on daily basis. So, what are you waiting for? Visit KBC Official Website and get your KBC Lucky Lottery Number today.

Some websites are fake and giving you false information about KBC Lottery 2021. If you want to know about KBC official Website or KBC lottery 2021 then dial our KBC Head Office Whatsapp Number 00917428461793 on your phone.

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When did Jio KBC Lottery Winner start?

Jio KBC Lottery Winner started the first episode on 3 July 2000. The first three seasons were hosted by Shah Rukh Khan and then from 2007 to 2021 KBC host is Amitabh BuchanIn 2015, most of the Indians called on a live game show and win 1 crore Indian rupees.

But in 2018 all numbers are automatically registered on the KBC Jio Lottery game. KBC Lottery Winners contains a cash prize of 25 lakhs rupees which is given by the KBC Head Office to the winner. He can withdraw this cash by paying the tax amount on it to the Income Tax of the Indian Government.

How can play Jio KBC Lottery Winner Game?

KBC Jio Lottery is providing you a big platform to play the KBC Lottery online and win cash prizes. All Indian cellular sims are already registered with kaon banega crorepati lottery game. If you are new to this website click on this button and check if you already win the KBC lottery or not. Also if you have received any message on your number or WhatsApp that you have won 25 lakhs KBC Jio lottery then first of all check your lottery first and then pay your tax amount otherwise don’t give your money to any fake office manager. That will not be part of our record.

Click on this button and check your lottery if you are not a part of the lottery and receive a message that Lottery Not Found then you can contact us on our WhatsApp official KBC head office number and talk with our manager to add you to this game.

How to get KBC Lottery Ticket Number?

You can also participate in Jio KBC Lottery 2021 and become a millionaire. Buy your KBC Lottery Ticket Number by contacting our KBC Head Office Number which is 00918009603468.

If you have any queries regarding KBC Lottery Number, then our KBC Supervisor Rana Pratab Singh is always available to help you make money. Rana Pratab Singh KBC Supervisor WhatsApp Number is 00917428461793.

Jio KBC Lottery Winners 2021

Here we have some Jio KBC Lottery Winners 2021 names who was won the 25 Lakhs Lottery. We are showing some names of 2021 KBC Lottery winners. Jio KBC Lottery Winners 2021 can make you a millionaire and solve your life’s problems. This lottery works automatically to All India Sim Card Lucky Draw 2021 in KBC Lucky Draw 2021.

If you want to play with KBC Lottery just contact us on KBC Head Office Helpline Number 00917428461793.


Jio KBC Lottery Winners 2021 List WhatsApp This Month

No. Jio KBC Lottery Winner Amount KBC Lottery Number KBC Whatsapp Winner
1 Mr. Anurag Kapoor 25,00,000 22468 671******029
2 Ms. Mansi Sinha 25,00,000 7788 231******156
3 Mr. Gurdeep Singh 25,00,000 3434 789******321
4 Mr. Jadhav 25,00,000 17234 421******907
5 Mr. Manish Mishra 25,00,000 9900 678******821
6 Ms. Priya Kumar 25,00,000 44111 181******290

KBC Whatsapp Lottery Winner 2021 List Whatsapp

  • Mr. Rosan Kunwar Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 05 July 2021.
  • Mr.Ramandeep Singh Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 17 July 2021.
  • Ms. Chitra Sanjay Kushwaha Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 29 July 2021.
  • Mr. Dipankar Samanta Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 01 August 2021.
  • Ms. Shivani Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 07 August 2021.
  • Mr. DHEERAJ PANDEY Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 10 August 2021.
  • Ms.Sapna Winning Amount 25 Lakh Winning Date 10 August 2021.

KBC Lottery Number Check Online 2021 Jio

In 2021, we are proving our customers KBC Lottery Number Check Online 2021 Jio platform most people are won the kbc lottery automatically by receiving a message on their number or on WhatsApp Number. But if you haven’t checked your lottery till now, you can check your lottery by adding your number and lottery number in this form.

If you have no Lottery Number then contact on KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number which is 00917428461793 Now.

KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number 00917428461793

Here you can click on this button to call our KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number 00917428461793. This is our official KBC Head Office WhatsApp Number 00917428461793 from where you can get all information about your Jio KBC Lottery Winner status and also you can participate in our lucky draw by adding your details in our KBC Lottery registration online form.


KBC Helpline WhatsApp Number

Most of the people ask questions that is KBC Jio Lottery Fake or Real? We are providing you authentic information that KBC Lottery Winner is real. Some people are working fake and giving you fake proof that you have won KBC Lottery 2021. If you receive that kind of calls or messages then contact with us on our KBC Helpline WhatsApp Number.

Our KBC Helpline WhatsApp Number is 00918009603468. Call us and tell us who is giving you information about Lottery win status.

Sr No. KBC Helpline WhatsApp Number
1 00917428461793
2 00918009603468

KBC Lottery 2021 Registration

If you are a new visitor of the KBC lottery winners website and you don’t have any lottery number yet. KBC Lottery 2021 Registration is very easy. Firstly, you are already part of this game but get your lottery number from KBC Helpline Number become part of our KBC Lottery winners 2021 game.

Make sure to enter your correct details, our manager will contact you if you will win a 25 Lakh cash prize from KBC Lottery Winners Game. For KBC Lottery 2021 Registration call us on KBC Helpline Number is 00917428461793 or visit KBC Lottery Number Check 2021.


KBC Office Helpline Number

Our KBC Office Helpline Number is 00918009603468. If you have any query about lottery winning or lottery numbers then you can call or message us on our WhatsApp numbers. If you received any call or message from +923*** or any Pakistani Number don’t bother those numbers because those persons are fake and scammers. They will never give you any lottery amount. 

If you want to receive your lottery amount just message or WhatsApp on only our KBC Head Office WhatsApp Numbers. We will transfer your amount to your Bank accounts of the State Bank of India.

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